TEGG Ratings Explained

BfYR – Books for Young Readers
These are books for kids, pre-chapter-book age; “picture books” and simple vocabulary stories.

PG 13 – Parental Guidance for 13+
In these Works there would be mention of certain evil deeds and carnage but fine details and raw gore would be kept out of the creations. There are scary and supernatural events that are unsuitable for children under 13, and for 13+ we recommend parental guidance. These themes can include but are not limited to possession, death, curses, demonic forces, plagues and rotting flesh, violence, betrayal and mortal combat. Mild sexual references and adult language/swearing.

AA – Adult Accompaniment
This rating is for works aimed at Patrons 13+ All TEGG Works should be considered AA unless tagged otherwise.

R – Restricted
This rating is for works with excessive violence, some sex and mature themes.

X – Erotica
This rating for Works with explicit sexual themes, meaning that sex and sexual awakening are a large part of the story.

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